Helps your business reduce SAP implementation challenges by effectively managing complexity, risk and change.

SAP Application Management and Support services by RheinBrücke Experts

Implementation of an ERP solution to manage the various processes within an organisation and provide a real-time view of the business is becoming widespread and is no longer restricted to very large enterprises. Every aspect of an ERP strategy from product selection to implementation to ongoing support will have a very significant business impact and needs to be managed very carefully. Enterprises distinguish an ERP implementation based on:

  • Initial expense

  • Ongoing operating or maintenance costs

  • Return on investment

  • Time to value

RheinBrücke offers an expanded focus on ERP implementations by tracking additional metrics such as disruptions in business operations and impact on productivity and level of ERP adoption across your enterprise. ERP systems impact almost every aspect of a company; therefore, the success of an ERP implementation is of critical importance. We help reduce the chance of implementation problems by helping to manage complexity, risk, data integration challenges. Key Performance Indicators, allowing our clients to measure improvements in their business processes after an ERP implementation, are decided at the time of defining our partnership with clients. RheinBrücke provides ERP program and project management, technical consulting, development services, maintenance and support services as well as ready solutions to clients globally on SAP and EPICOR.

Our SAP experts will supplement your in-house SAP team, allowing you to focus on your core business.

SAP Program and Project Management

  •   Managing

At RheinBrücke, our SAP program management credentials have been earned through the management of SAP projects of differing sizes, scopes and levels of complexity. Experienced SAP project leadership may be the single most critical factor in determining the success of an implementation.

  •   Experience

RheinBrücke has accumulated in depth knowledge of managing every aspect of SAP implementation. This is attributed to our experience with complex SAP implementations for some of the world’s largest Life Science, Automotive and other Discrete Manufacturing companies. Our program and project managers demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience important to:

  • Steer clearly through complexity

  • Pre-empt problems

  • Mitigate risk

  • Successfully manage multiple SAP solution implementations

  • Streamline complex, multi-faceted SAP projects

Our experience with optimizing budget, time, resources and quality control protocols across global, complex, multi-phase SAP implementations ensures that your SAP program goals are met on-time and on-budget.

SAP Value Engineering

RheinBrücke offers SAP Value Engineering to our clients, with the primary goal of process improvement. We prescribe a structured methodology and toolset to build your SAP business case and deployment strategy, and to identify process improvement opportunities and best practices. As the end result our clients benefit from accelerated ROI, lowered TCO and a dramatic improvement in the performance of your SAP solution.

  •   Methodology

Every SAP implementation is based on the assumption that the investment in an SAP project needs to reflect in the financial returns, making the effort worthy. The SAP Value Engineering team at RheinBrücke, helps our clients develop a bulletproof business case that has been founded on significant metrics which:

  • Clearly & quantifiably justify an SAP investment

  • Focuses on pain points and business drivers that support your strategic initiatives

  • Prioritize high-value opportunities

  • Qualitatively measuring increases in productivity and reductions in IT ownership costs

Our SAP Value Engineering team supports our clients by conducting business case as well as business requirements audits.

  •   Audit

A business case audit establishes a justification for a project based on suitable analytical processes and calculations as well as on sufficiently valid assumptions. The audit objective is to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes used to prepare the business case. Ancillary audit objectives may include an assessment of the content of the business case based on business or economic criteria. In all cases the actual design of a business case audit is defined in basic correlation with Internal Audit’s company-specific mandate, to avoid any disputes over autonomy and overlaps with other divisions or third parties. A business requirements audit determines whether the definition of the business requirements and their subsequent implementation in respect of the approved business case are appropriate and comply with statutory, regulatory or company-specific guidelines (audit objectives: compliance, effectiveness and efficiency). Therefore, a business requirements audit deals with the interim and final results of the business project work.

We develop new applications and progressive solutions to boost the standard functionality of the SAP system.

ABAP Development Support

RheinBrücke is the preferred partner for organisations when it comes to cost effective SAP customization and extensions. It’s our blend of vast business process experience and deep rooted SAP expertise that is leveraged with our flexible onsite, offsite, and offshore delivery model. In order to meet our clients’ specific expectations, we prepare dedicated, non-standard solutions based on SAP tools. Within development works, we prepare SAP solutions to enhance the standard functionality of the SAP system, as well as preparing new applications that are specific for the client’s industry requirements. Based on our extensive SAP expertise and to satisfy client specific needs, we provide unique, non-standard solutions based on SAP tools. We develop new applications as per client industry requirements and progressive solutions to boost the standard functionality of the SAP system. RheinBrücke implements development projects founded on a sound methodology that includes:

  • Preparation of functional specifications

  • Preparation of technical specifications

  • Preparation of the solution by applying coding standards

  • Solution screening and test case preparation

  • Solution go-live and support

To ensure that your business ecosystem faces no disruptions at all, we have an array of “ready-made” SAP system enhancements. These preconfigured development solutions drastically reduce the time needed to develop SAP enhancements. Our ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) Services are essentially provided from low-cost cost geographies. However, to ensure seamless service delivery, a single point of contact is maintained onsite and which includes the capability to speak in your language in order to bridge the cultural gap.


  • SmartForms

  • Interfaces

  • Workflows

  • Reports

  • BADI

  • Adobe Forms

  • BDC

  • LSMW

  • SAPScript

  • BAPI


  • RFCs

  • ABAP Functional SAP Developments / Enhancements

  • Add On-Service to enhance Standard Transaction

  • Integration into Surround Systems based on open source, Java® and Microsoft .net

  • User/Menu/Function/Screen Exits

Basis Management Support Services

RheinBrücke collaborates with you to determine the appropriate SAP management partnership. Our approach varies from a full SAP Basis Management where clients may not require SAP technical staff, to a blended methodology where on-shore and off-shore teams with defined responsibilities manage tasks. Our SAP experts could supplement your in-house SAP team, helping you to focus on your core business. A sophisticated and highly functional system like SAP requires expert management, which we provide, to ensure continuous and smooth business operations.


  • SAP Database Management Services

  • SAP Performance Management

  • SAP Monitoring Services

  • Liaising with SAP on Maintenance Issues

  • SAP System Management Activities

  • Onsite Assistance when requested

  • Extended Hours SAP Support

  • Preventive SAP Maintenance

  • SAP Software Upgrades and Enhancement Packs installations

  • Basis Issue Management