MeRLIN is a Strategic Direct Sourcing Solution that offers seamlessly integrated sourcing process automation along with Supplier Relationship Management and planning functions augmented by Advanced Analytics. It plays a key role in enhancing collaboration between Buyers and Suppliers through an intuitive platform.

What are MeRLIN’s features?

MeRLIN is modular, flexible, configurable and easy to deploy. It is powered by Microsoft Technology stack that can be deployed either On-Premise or hosted on Cloud.

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship

  • Manage Supplier life cycle from onboarding, scaling up/down their scope of supply, rating and maintaining their performance and removal from supply chain through configurable approvals
  • Allow Suppliers to request for changes in their information, make changes and approve changes
  • Configure mandatory document submissions as per Supplier and Item category based business rules


  • Discover existence of item prices by searching across the Global Sourcing Database and locate similar items by matching attributes
  • Float online global RFQs for items across multiple commodities to chosen global suppliers, receive online responses, compare responses and make awards.
  • Send new RFQs for non-design price changes & engineering price changes, evaluate responses and handle exception scenarios


  • Perform Purchase Price Variance (PPV) analytics and Program life cycle performance analytics out of the box
  • Get summary as well as filtered data of a variety of business data elements through standard reports
  • Summarize, slice and dice data through self-service data explorer, create custom reports and perform what-if analytics.
Budgeting & Planning

Budgeting & Planning

  • Collate and Maintain Budget data across geographies and categories
  • Compare Budget vs Actual spend, discover Savings
  • Maintain Standard Cost in company currency for aggregations and budget planning
Data Handling

Master Data Handling

  • Create a single source of truth by collating disparate data spread across global locations
  • Take advantage of global competition, mitigate risks and run global sourcing programs
  • Implement automated Interfaces with other business systems to collect and update master data
Compliance and Auditing

Compliance and Auditing

  • Every data change is auditable by default. Configure subsets of data to be audited and generate audit reports
  • Configure, create and manage roles across the enterprise
  • Delegate or transfer in-flight and future business transactions to improve turn-around-time


MeRLIN provides the strategic platform that enables value optimization through greater levels of automation, big data utilization and the use of analytical tools, to transcend from a tactical focus of the sourcing function to one of value- driven strategy.

Who will benefit from MeRLIN?

Shorter Turn Arounds

Quick Turn Arounds

Enterprises that frequently need to respond to customer RFIs with competitive pricing and other terms can use MeRLIN’s online quote eSourcing function to aggregate Supplier quotes providing rapid response to customer RFIs while minimizing manual errors

Large Buy vs Build

Large Buy vs Build

Enterprises whose bottom line will have significant impact based on savings from sourcing functions will be able to leverage MeRLIN’s powerful analytics to drive cost savings.

Disparate Sourcing

Global Sourcing

Global Manufacturing Enterprises that have large number of global suppliers supplying to multiple manufacturing locations and involving global sourcing with multi-currency programs will reap significant benefits.

Data Driven Sourcing

Data driven Sourcing

Data driven sourcing behaviour coupled with democratized data access will empower sourcing leaders to be agile in decision making while remaining fully compliant with prevailing regulations

What are the tangible benefits?

Shorter Turn Arounds

Respond faster to customer RFIs and improve top line by discovering existing prices in the system or getting quicker quotes via a fully online eSourcing module

Cost Savings

Improved Cost Savings

Rationalize suppliers and items by discovering spend and savings patterns across categories, suppliers and regions at the lowest possible granularity using MeRLIN’s powerful Spend Analytics

Global Sourcing

Expanded Global Sourcing

Improve Supplier competitiveness by taking advantage of global sourcing using MeRLIN’s data aggregation

Supplier Relationship

Focused Supplier Relationship

Focus more on nurturing and growing strategic suppliers to improve sourcing efficiency, quality and delivery using real-time Supplier data

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate the risk of dependency on a few select suppliers through real-time analysis of commodity contribution, quality ratings etc. at supplier and supplier group levels as well as commodity category levels

Enhanced RoI

Enhanced RoI

MeRLIN’s shorter implementation time and out-of-the-box availability of features enable faster delivery of business benefits resulting in in accelerated return on investment

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