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RheinBrücke EPICOR ERP Implementation Services

RheinBrücke is primarily focused on SMEs and large enterprises to implement EPICOR in a timely and cost effective manner. We are proud to be recognized as EPICOR’s Platinum Partner across EMEA and India since 2014. As platinum implementation partner of EPICOR ERP, we have served various larger organisation across middle east region. Our portfolio of services includes EPICOR product development support, implementation & support services and pre-configured solutions for EPICOR support services. We also offer a specific solution set that is customized to geography, as well as industry verticals such as healthcare, foundry, sheet metal fabrication, design-construction and oil & gas. RheinBrücke’s comprehensive Partner Enablement Program supports quick onboarding of EPICOR’S partners and supports them in their implementation through Internet Component Technology (ICE)

Our EPICOR services:


RheinBrücke believes that a successful ERP implementation is very crucial as it impacts almost every aspect of your business. Here’s how we help our clients implement EPICOR ERP successfully.

  • Develop innovative products and services for new & existing markets

  • Achieve operational excellence with streamlined logistics & manufacturing

  • Improve financial performance with tighter internal controls & insights

  • Connect headquarters, subsidiaries & partners in a single network

  • Add CRM, supplier relationship management, and BI functionality as your SME grows

  •   Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers

Vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers continue to face a number of challenges. An extremely fragile and volatile market demand forces automotive companies to build and manage an agile and efficient global supply chain network without overstocking. In addition, supply and cost risks have to be resolved before your competition could react. Your company should also be ready to face increased pressure from clients, competitors and political institutions regarding innovations, localization and costs.

Complete and complex assemblies delivered on time are the need of the hour for today’s automotive supplier. Integration with their own suppliers and customers is vital and to achieve sizable margins, they need to demarcate between profitable and non – profitable jobs. Reduce inventory, increase productivity, and deliver high quality products on budget and on time, every time by utilizing EPICOR’s manufacturing solutions.


EPICOR for Automotive: A Quick Guide

  • Multi-Level Bill of Materials

    Allows you to engineer and manufacture the complex assemblies required to build today’s high-tech cars and trucks.

  • Business Intelligence

    Helps you observe and react to the variables that affect productivity, such as the flow of materials on to the shop floor and forecast production bottlenecks.

  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

    Allows you construct a planned schedule, view the effect on your resources, and then modify the plan, until you have achieved an optimal schedule.

  • Document Management

    Helps your production team view spreadsheets, engineering drawings and even videos associated with specific projects.

  • Sophisticated Scheduling

    Helps you coordinate multiple manufacturing business units, so that individual components come together at the right time at the final assembly.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Teaches you which jobs are the most profitable. You’ll know which jobs you should submit bids on and those that you should leave to the competition.

  • Multi-Site Management

    You can run separate production facilities as separate business units while centralizing functions like purchasing and accounting.

  •   Metal Fabricators

EPICOR manufacturing solutions aim to solve fundamental problems faced by metal fabrication shops. These solutions reduce scrap & defects, limit excessive inventory and streamline the quote-order-job-shipment lifecycle, which lies at the heart of the metal fabrication business. EPICOR also offers metal fabricators a complete suite of professional services, including training, online & phone support, consulting, customization, and installation & implementation services.


EPICOR for Metal Fabricators: A Quick Guide

  • QA Functions

    Quickly find defects in production to reduce scrap & rework and depleting profitability, and reroute work with flexible scheduling and production tools.

  • Bar-Coded Shop Floor Data Collection

    Shop supervisors can assign appropriate jobs to the operators, a necessity for metal fabricators running a variety of jobs at any given time.

  • Easy-to-Use Visual Scheduling

    Identify and eliminate bottlenecks before they hit the shop floor.

  • Comprehensive Tracker System

    Easy access to the status of a job on the shop floor.

  • Machine and Work Center Maintenance

    Minimize downtime while maintaining a high quality of delivery, by integrating schedules with the production schedule.

  • Job Performance

    Helps you react to defects or bottlenecks in the flow of materials to the shop floor.

  • Detailed Business Intelligence Tools & Reports

    Helps you to choose the most profitable job aligned to your capabilities.

  • Built-in Communication

    Create alerts to keep team members of any project related changes, across the life of intricate projects.

  •   Medical Devices

Medical devices need to be manufactured in accordance to exacting tolerances and additionally have to maintain a paperless audit trail to comply with customer requirements and FDA regulations. Improve quality, centralize data and eliminate redundancy while increasing customer satisfaction and profitability. You can achieve all of this by utilizing EPICOR’s manufacturing solutions. EPICOR also offers medical device fabricators a complete suite of professional services including training, online & phone support, consulting, customization, and installation & implementation services.

EPICOR for Medical Devices: A Quick Guide

  • Integrated, Comprehensive System

    Comply with FDA regulations by centralizing and establishing a single system of record.

  • CRM

    Build successful and strategic relationships with clients, differentiating you from competition.

  • Comprehensive Tracker System

    Precise information on the status of an order, at a glance.

  • Time-Phased Material Reports

    Eliminate obsolete inventory and be prepared to meet customer orders with optimal inventory levels.

  • Built-In Communication

    Create alerts to keep team members informed about any project related changes, across the life of intricate projects.

  • Integrated, Web-Based Information-Sharing

    Enables collaboration with suppliers and customers globally.

  • Document Management

    Helps your production team view spreadsheets, engineering drawings and even videos associated with specific projects.

  • Advanced Inventory Management

    Be aligned to the serialization and the precise part number tracking that is required by the medical equipment industry.

  • Quality Assurance

    Conform to the exacting tolerances of the medical device industry by moving non-conforming parts out of the shop floor into inspection queues, where inspectors can create Device Master Records (DMRs) so that Materials Review Board (MRB) can take appropriate action.

  •   Oil & Gas

RheinBrücke has worked with leading oil & gas companies helping us understand the challenges faced by this industry, and help effectively address these challenges. Gain real-time visibility across your operations with EPICOR ERP solutions for Oil & Gas industries. This industry-tailored software gives you the insights you need to help reduce risk, run efficient operations, keep up with regulatory changes and boost profitability.

Oil & Gas Industries work in a deadline sensitive environment with intense competition, rapid growth, widely variable and sudden changes in business cycles, remote work locations, multi-million dollar projects, huge capital investments and long invoicing cycles. It contains more service providers than most other Industries, so maintaining a strong reputation is critical. Players in this industry need the right business systems software that is reliable, adaptable, automated and cost effective.

  • Integrate processes – from engineering and maintenance to financials and production

  • Increase flexibility and proactively respond to changing market conditions

  • Improve asset utilization, extend lifetimes, and reduce maintenance costs

  • Synchronize portfolio and project management to drive maximum ROCE

Typical challenges that hinder growth in the Oil & Gas Industry include:

  • On-time delivery without compromising on quality

  • Difficulty in meeting ever-increasing demand with limited supply

  • Managing finances with fluctuating exploration and production costs

  • Obtaining visibility of materials, projects and resources


EPICOR for the Oil & Gas Industry: A Quick Guide

  • Streamline business processes giving your organization an electronic trail with high data accuracy

  • Automated scheduling to manage any job complexity

  • Improve plant maintenance operations

  • Standardized processes and tools for day-to-day data activities to save costs and obtain a competitive advantage through workload adjustment flexibility

  • Monitor and control inventory in multiple locations

  • Precise logistics planning of goods and services for ‘On-Time’ availability for remote locations from multiple plant, warehouse and supplier locations

  • Activity-based planning, execution and tracking of operations against activity-based budget

  • Contract management with multiple suppliers

  • Improve information flow from every internal and external OFS process including in-the-field information, for better business decisions

  • Integrate and optimize all business and oil field service processes at all locations

  • Store and analyze data in one place. Access reports, past data and real-time information to review project risk, improve prioritization and reduce complexity

  •   Construction / Design of Professional Services

RheinBrücke has taken best practices and standardized processes in the Employee Productivity and Commissions (EPC) industry from our experience of multiple ERP implementations, and built a readymade solution. RheinBrücke’s RAPIDEPC is a pre-configured business solution designed to help you extract more value from an ERP implementation.

About 80% of business processes within the EPC industry are standard across companies. Our experience shows that our RAPIDEPC solution significantly enhances business benefits by addressing critical organizational accounting and reporting functions.


EPICOR for the Construction / Design of Professional Services: A Quick Guide

  • Materials cost variability

  • Simple to complex contracts and Project Execution

  • Prices sensitivity

  • Meeting customer changing demand

  • Multi-Company, Multi-plant, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language solutions

  • Expertise on posting rule customization for better accounting & reporting

  • Mailing alerts for approval and major processes


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