Ensures that your projects are delivered on time, within budget, with high quality standards and without business disruptions.

Program and Project Management Services

RheinBrücke has a team of experienced Program and Project Managers who have helped many global clients maximize their return of investment (ROI) and optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT investments. Our Program/Project Managers come equipped with the right fit of cultural awareness, management, as well as technical skills that are required to run medium to large scale IT Programs and Projects.

At the initial stages of an IT project, it is important for an enterprise to select a partner that can meet project timelines, execute within a tight budget and deliver solutions with a high level of quality, without any business disruptions. Such an endeavour is also a significant business change management project with an impact on the future of your enterprise.

An enterprise requires a trusted advisor who advises the program sponsor and related corporate executives throughout the life of your IT project. Each Program Manager at RheinBrücke, has on an average, over 15 years of experience as a leader or project manager, and each of our Project Managers, have 8 years of experience in managing implementation projects.

RheinBrücke provides leadership and expert advice related to the technology, processes, methodology and resources, needed for successful implementation of an IT solution.

A few key areas where we provide our guidance:

  • Software Evaluation and Scoping

  • Project Implementation Methodology and Governance adjusted to your specific needs (for regulated and non-regulated industries)

  • Operational Project Management including blueprint, realization, testing, training, cutover, go-live and support handover

  • Program/Project and IT Operations Audits to obtain an independent view of your engagements

  • IT Competence Center as well as PMO Setup

  • Project Governance

  • PMI, Prince2, PMBoK, ITIL, COBIT, GAMP5, ASAP (Which industry standard fits your business?)

From our experience after many projects, we can confidently state that there is no “one size fits all” solution. We try to bring together the above guidance areas, in a way that helps your enterprise achieve its bottom-line objectives. We also define the appropriate governance model and the required implementation approach and support needed for the IT solutions you want to deploy.

RheinBrücke will look at your industry, your organisation, your processes to derive an appropriate methodology, that fits your organisation the best.

How does RheinBrücke provide a tailored solution that fits your organisational needs?

The most critical aspect of providing a “best-fit” solution is to have a team that understands your industry domain, IT landscape and business needs. As an example, if you are operating in a regulated environment like Pharma, Chemical, or in the Food Industry, RheinBrücke has a team of experts, who have handled global ERP programs in such industries and who will assist you with their technical knowledge and relevant industry experience.

We will look at your industry, your organisation, your processes and your intentions in terms of projects or operations. This helps us derive a methodology that fits you best; but at the same time remain as close to industry standards as possible.

  •   Project Reviews

Do you have challenges in your on-going project?
Is your IT operation not delivering as expected?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then it is time to ask for a second opinion to analyze the root cause of your problem. RheinBrücke supports you in finding an answer to these questions by executing an audit based approach, which will be adjusted to your business environment. Our project audit involves validating your project in terms of project management, business requirements and various aspects of the implementation of the project.

  •   Project Management Audit

A project management audit comprises of an examination of your organisation, the processes and products of the project and portfolio management.

  •   Recommendation

RheinBrücke reviews a project’s organisation, terms of reference, specifications, strategic goals, plans, controls and project management processes as well as the results of project teams. In-house guidelines and specifications, statutory regulations as well as the best practice standards set by project management frameworks such as PRINCE2 or PMI, are used as assessment criteria. Project management audits assess whether your project or portfolio management process is rigorous in terms of managing project activities, ensuring that the delivery of project objectives is well within time and budget requirements, and the quality of projects is achieved. Apart from audits for effectiveness and efficiency, compliance with statutory, regulatory and corporate guidelines, is also audited.

Objectives of a particular project audit reflect the risks and content of the respective audit areas within the purview of the “project audit”. We also combine project audits with audits of areas external to the actual project audit, like procurement or financial audits.

We conduct audits for effectiveness. However, additionally adherence to statutory, regulatory and corporate guidelines, is also audited for every project.

Risk and Change Management

As an enterprise implementing a change in its IT portfolio, risks are to be properly identified, analyzed and remediation activities defined. RheinBrücke aims at enabling you with a robust and efficient set of business and IT processes, using a cost conscious approach. Our risk management approach supports implementation of IT quality, as well as business driven continuous improvement.


  • Identify risks IT generates for the business in a structured manner

  • Single out risks in the context of IT risk areas

  • Deploy risk mitigation activities to address major IT risk areas

  • Plan risk mitigation and evaluate the expected risk

  • Identify situation after completion of risk mitigation activities

  • Align the current risk situation and the planned risk mitigation with business representatives of all business functions receiving IT services from the respective IT unit

  • Increase the level of control in IT risk areas that (according to the risk assessment) do not have the control level requested by the IT client by appropriate risk mitigation

  • Increase the level of control in IT risk areas that (according to the risk assessment) do not have the control level requested by the IT client by appropriate risk mitigation

We steer enterprises by pre-empting emerging market positions, allowing our clients to benefit from change.


  • IT Compliance

  • IT Management

  • IT Services

  • IT Projects

  • Consolidate the risk assessment results and derive priorities

  • Risk identification by carrying out an assessment

  • Risk assessment and report generation

  • Plan risk acceptance and mitigation activities

  • Establish context by determining the characteristics of the IT organisation and selecting the expected controls from the Risk Management Framework

  • Monitor and review risk mitigation activities

What is the process behind our Risk Management Approach?

A strict standardized process, deployed in many enterprises, ensures transparency and decreases the incidence of any sudden impact on your business.

Change is sterile, neither good, nor bad. Change cannot be avoided in our fast paced business environment, however it can be managed effectively. RheinBrücke Change Management Solutions help organisations view change as an opportunity to expand their reach, increase their value, and thrive against competitors. Our solutions are proactive, innovative, and dynamic. This steers enterprises away from the convention of dealing with change in a static or defensive manner. We preempt emerging market positions, allowing our clients benefit from change rather than become its victims.

Change Management Solutions will help you to:

  • Identity reshaping your target market, which could undermine the value of your products and services.
  • Interept how forces are altering your market relationships & business practices, and how change redefines the wants and needs of the marketplace.
  • Harness change by:

A. Examining alternatives to discover low-risk, high-margin solutions

B. Identifying new products, competitive advantages, and customer support needs

C. Creating strategies and tactics to fully exploit market vacuums created by an shifting marketplace

Our IT specialists develop a comprehensive time and cost effective strategy by reducing or eliminate threat.

Project Turnaround

RheinBrücke delivers a considerable number of ERP implementation projects and programs, working in many industries and countries. We have identified a few serious flaws in the delivery of ERP and IT implementations, which could be disastrous in terms of wasted resources or cancelled projects. Our team of experts, is well versed with rescuing improperly implemented ERP and IT implementation projects.

Our project rescue and revival solutions depend on our client’s request and we will:

Study what got an implementation project in trouble and recommend steps on a remedy for the situation

Assist you in project turnaround processes

Step in to manage the delivery to completion for an enterprise

RheinBrücke project rescue road-maps include the following milestones:

  • Situation analysis - Technical experts, aligned with a development team, investigate the current situation on your software project.
  • Problem identification - Current or potential obstacles including lack of specification, user involvement, planning, testing or technical expertise, etc. are investigated.
  • Recovery strategy elaboration - Our IT specialists develop a comprehensive time and cost effective strategy by reducing or eliminating threat