Enabling Small & Medium Enterprises to convert a vision into a reality.

Small Business

In Europe, Small and medium enterprises, or SMEs, provide two of every three jobs and account for 58% of business activity. These business entities range from tiny startups to small family-run firms to medium-size concerns supplying major manufacturers.

At the initial stages, if small businesses are to have a significant impact on the economy, they are required to design a roadmap with objectives focused on growth – more employees, expanding the product range, diversify into international markets and boost turnover. In many cases, the skills and experiences of an entrepreneur are not necessarily sufficient to grow the business to a much larger size. Further stages in the company’s development require a host of new infrastructure especially in terms of technology and the knowledge to implement them.

RheinBrücke works with small businesses to help overcome specific challenges including

  • Selecting solutions and infrastructure with the optimal cost-feature mix

  • Choosing and implementing a solution that is flexible enough to scale with your business growth

  • Not having the support needed to identify and fix errors in the IT infrastructure before they lead to serious repercussions in the core business

  • Streamlining operations through automation and technology to ensure consistency of output

  • Developing specific and customized solutions that are “just right” for the need and within a typically tight budget